A Concert of Hope

As many of you know, “A Concert of Hope” was a fundraising event in support of Operation Upright that took place on November 6, 2022.

One of my very best friends, Lindy Turner, and her family had the idea to organize this event. 

Lindy & I performing Xanadu in 8th grade

Lindy and I met in 7th grade when I began musical theater at MTC. We were fast friends and bonded over our love of travel and brownie batter. Whether it was trips to NYC, long car drives, or skipping jazz class we were always together. 

At MTC, her mom, Mrs. Laura is the music director. So, not only did I quickly bond with Lindy but her whole beautiful family. 

When I got sick, we never drifted apart. Even if I am too sick to visit with Lindy or Mrs. Laura for months at a time, as soon as we see each other it is like no time has passed. 

At first, the concert was proposed to take place over the summer. We all believed that I’d be “recovered” by then, yet this summer I remained far too sick to leave the bed. So, the concert was postponed. Finally, after my recent surgery, I began to show signs of progress so the date for the concert was set.

Last weekend, the long-awaited concert took place, and gratefully, I was able to attend in person. Going to the concert was my biggest outing yet. Although it was extremely taxing on my body, it was 100x worth it.

It was so special to finally see a lot of the people that have been praying for me and encouraging me in person. Also, Lindy sang some of my favorite songs that I have listened to countless times to persevere through pain. Music has been a really big comfort to me during the past few years.

‘Oceans: Where My Feet May Fail’ is one that I listen to over and over and over when I am afraid of what will happen to my health. And ‘Rise Up’ is another favorite that has helped me both hold space for the suffering while remaining focused on hope. Therefore, hearing her angelic voice sing those songs while surrounded by loved ones reminded me why to keep pushing even when sometimes things feel hopeless.