C. Diff

Early afternoon on Monday, I was admitted for uncontrolled pain and fever. I had a great weekend spending time with my cousin and even felt well on Monday morning; it terrifies me how fast I can go downhill. 

Because of my central line and recent battle with sepsis, it is recommended I go to the ER anytime I have a fever. So to the ER I went and admitted I was.

Due to the antibiotics I took to treat sepsis, I developed C. Diff which triggered a major flare of my pain/symptoms. I’ll spare you the details, but the bottom line is that this hospitalization is leaving me defeated. Emotionally, it is tough to have a glimmer of hope that life could get somewhat normal/goals could actually be accomplished and then have my health deteriorate yet once again. During this hospital stay, I felt that some of the health professionals have not taken me seriously unless a parent is with me. This is a sad, but very real problem for many chronically ill teenage girls. Also, there have been times when I felt unsafe with how my port and GJ tube were handled. It’s not that anyone had bad intentions, there is just a serious lack of education regarding these medical devices.

60 days… that is how many days I have spent in the hospital so far this year. Would love to stop that number tomorrow.