Celiac Plexus Block #2

Today marks week 2 in the hospital. Although they don’t know a lot about EDS, MALS, or SMAS, the nurses and physicians have been very caring and kind.

Yesterday, I had another celiac plexus block done with the hopes of it lasting longer. This time it was done posteriorly, allowing the interventional radiologists to get the right and left side of the celiac plexus nerves. When done endoscopically, only one side could be addressed. And, I’ve been advised not to eat/drink (as I had done previously with the block) in hopes that it will prevent the pain from returning so quickly.  

Gratefully, once again, this block was a big success. I have been on ketamine both IV and through my J tube for two weeks, but when I woke up from the block, I asked for it to be turned off. My family and I are thrilled. 

Although I know this block is just a temporary bandaid, my goal is to be discharged today and enjoy my time at home before the pain comes back in full force. It could be hours, days, or weeks before the MALS pain comes back but I’ll be relishing every second meanwhile trying to catch up on my school work too.