Drives to School

Due to issues with turning my neck because of fusions/instability and neurological issues, I’m not yet able to drive myself to school. My house is a little over 30 minutes from College of Charleston and I have at least one class in person every day. When I decided to try to go to college this semester, my parents, siblings, and family friends came together to make it possible.

I have two working parents, and they try to take me sometimes, but this became unrealistic, so one of the girls who works for my mom, Bailey, drives me to/from school most days. We discuss books, debate politics, talk about our lives and goals, and my classes. 

My godmother, Aunt Swain, generously takes the time to drive me home from school every Monday. She visited me routinely while I was bed-bound and has even taken shifts sitting with me during hospitalizations. I cherish the time I’ve gotten to spend with her, which I likely would never have gotten if were always healthy.

My three siblings also pitch in and drive me around from time to time. I’m grateful for all of these people in my life because going to school in person would not be a possibility without them.

Of course, my goal is to eventually be able to drive myself to school, but I’ve gotten close with the people driving me to school, and I wouldn’t have had these experiences and conversations if I were a traditional student.