“Flare Ups” Happen

Set backs happen, but it is never an easy pill to swallow…

Going backwards after having progress is discouraging. And not knowing how long you will be in that dark space is scary.

This week has been the worst I have had all fall.  Not knowing the cause, other than a “flare up” is frustrating. 

Leg cramps and spasms began at noon on Tuesday and evolved into tingling, electric-like nerve pain. By 4pm, I was sobbing in pain as my headache, vertigo, skin hyperalgesia, insane itchiness, and general body aches intensified.

Gratefully, my mom had a few pharmaceutical tricks of her sleeve to help me sleep, but none we could continue without safety concerns. And while the other medication options help dull the pain a little, they flare my MCAS and nausea/vomiting, which makes it not worth the benefit.

I was admitted Thursday to try to break this pain cycle and figure out what brought it on. Of course, I’ve been through plenty worse than this flare up, but it’s discouraging to have these symptoms and pain flare when I am doing everything I can to stay healthy and set myself up for success. 

Final exams began this week and I have four more next week. I would be so appreciative if you could pray that whatever I have is not structural, that this pain loop stops, and that I will be physically well enough to take the exams next week. I’ve worked so hard all semester to maintain high As in all six of my classes.  It would be so discouraging to not be able to finish. 

As always, thank you for caring…