Healing is NOT Linear

Healing is not linear. 

I’ve had a big reminder of that this week. 

I won’t get into all the details but basically, when we moved on last week it was a lot on my body and I started experiencing a lot more pain than my “usual.” The elevator at our new house is not working yet which presented with a lot of difficulties since there are a lot of stairs to move me up. Also, my tube got clogged badly on the day of our move so I was unable to get water or nutrition, and I missed a few doses of meds (which are really important for me to function). 

Therefore, I needed to have a procedure to get a new tube, and at my local hospital, this must be done under anesthesia. The procedure was easy (as expected), but after, I had a pretty aggressive mast cell reaction after, so I was hospitalized. Due to my low blood sugar and dehydration, I received a few liters of LR and D5. It is so terrifying how fast my body can betray me. 

Obviously, this was not the plan for this week. That Tuesday, I was supposed to attend/speak at a philanthropic awards ceremony that I was so excited about and had been anticipating for a while. It was a bit crushing to be in the hospital rather than celebrating this award/event with my family.

Gratefully, I’m home now just experiencing a lot of symptoms and very drained physically/emotionally. Chronic illness is no joke.