So I jinxed myself. Someday I will learn not to get my hopes up so high and speak prematurely, but that day hasn’t come yet.

I’ll give more of an update eventually but something’s gotten drastically worse with my GI issues and it’s been absolutely debilitating the past week to the point that talking had become painful. Honestly, I’m scared. I’ve had lots of doctor’s appointments and some testing the past few days. My doctors have some ideas on what this pain could be, so this coming week I’m going to have a lot more tests done to try to figure this out.

The pain is sharp and crushing. It seems to originate from my diaphragm and radiates through my chest, upper abdomen, and sometimes my back. Deep breathing and talking accelerate the pain and the only thing that brings some relief is positional changes. Leaning over myself (almost like child’s pose) helps significantly and a close second is hugging my knees towards my chest. Although I’ve favored these positions for my GI pain for years now, it’s become exceedingly difficult to be in any other position. At times, the pain knocks the wind out of me and it’s hard to catch my breath.

However, I don’t want to negate the incredible improvement I’ve been blessed to see in regard to my spinal issues, PT, headache severity, and ability to sit upright. I really have made so much progress and I can’t wait to enjoy it once we figure out this abdominal stuff.