​​If you have ever found yourself needing to see a highly specialized physician, you likely experienced months/years of waiting for that appointment. In my case, I was on this waitlist for a very long time. When we learned this neuro-gastroenterologist was starting the Metrodora Institute, we put my name on the list before the construction of the building was completed. I was excited and hopeful to receive the call confirming an appointment.

Traveling with a disability is very challenging (post on that later). Both my parents traveled with me to Utah, as there was no way to make this trip without help from them both.

You might ask what was I hoping to accomplish and did I get any answers. Over the years, I have learned that there is no magic pill or light switch that will be flipped to cure me. I’m not jaded, just have become realistic. My hope was that this specialist would take a fresh look at my very complicated case and think outside the box. And that she did. She had some interesting thoughts, but wanted more data/tests run and thought it helpful to have us consult with my immunologist and her neurologist. 

So, I traveled there for one appointment but ended up meeting with several other specialists. Had a series of labs (42 vials!), more in-depth genetic testing done (this field is rapidly growing), skin biopsies, and other tests that will be done in Charleston. Although very expensive, I respect her methodical and comprehensive approach. 

It was obvious that the people that work there want to be there. Every person I interacted with was kind, empathetic, and excited about the mission/ vision of the Institute. 

Was hoping I would have time to meet up with a few friends and see more of Utah…guess I will have to return soon!