Nurses’ Appreciation

Happy Nurses Appreciation Day!!

Well, it is not actually Nurses Appreciation Day…but I truly believe we should all appreciate the vital role nurses play every single day! 

If you have ever been hospitalized, you know the healthcare provider that you interact with the most is your nurse. My nurses during rough admissions help me feel human and valued. They distract me from pain with their crazy life adventures, are great listeners, and advocates. These interactions go well beyond the typical quick conversation one might have with a doctor. 

I remember one of my ICU nurses playing Taylor Swift on the hospital computer at 3 am to keep my mind off of the pain. She held my hand and stroked my hair while I moaned and cried throughout most of the night. I will never forget the empathy and kindness she showed me.

Another nurse, horrified that I had not been unable to bathe for 30 days, painted my nails and brought me little gifts throughout my stay. Even when I was no longer her patient, she would peek in to check on me. These incredible interactions and memorable moments filled my spirit with light.  

Kindness, love, and empathy encourage me to keep fighting when I am weak. Always.

It also reminds me to pass it along when I am strong. It’s contagious.   

Every nurse featured in this post has impacted my life in such a meaningful way. This picture collage does not capture all of the nurses that have taken care of me and hold such a special place in my heart.

What Maya Angelou said rings so true, “people will forget what you said and did, but never forget how you made them feel. 

If you’re a nurse, thank you so very much for everything you do. You made a difference in people’s lives. Patients like me are forever grateful.