Plot (PORT) Twist pt 2

Today I had an emergent port placement surgery because accessing my veins has become impossible. 

I have always been a ‘tough stick’.  When the nurse or tech approaches me with the needle, I feel bad for them. Their confidence fades with each poke and my guilt for being difficult increases. Usually, they stick me 5-6 times and then stop and bring in someone with more experience. We exchange our apologies and the next group rotates into my room. During the first 24 hours in the hospital, the sticks reached double digits…I Iost track of how many. 

Eventually, the attempts are made with an ultrasound and the hospital’s “Vein Team”,  but my veins either blow immediately or infiltrate after a few hours. Without the IV, I cannot get enough hydration or a consistent ketamine drip (the medication that gives me pain relief). Last night, an anesthesiologist even tried multiple times to get an IV in my ankle and shins.

So, this afternoon the medical team decided that placing another central line was the only option. The consensus was I would not do well with a PICC line due to my vein structure. So, getting another PORT was the last option on the table.

This is the second time to have a PORT/central line; they went in near the same site as the previous one. I have a bit of scar tissue (no pun intended) from getting a port infection and sepsis in the fall. Being incredibly cautious and limiting the risk of infection and sepsis before my MALS surgery is a top priority.