Sick & living are NOT mutually exclusive

It’s a common misconception that an individual can’t live a full life while sick. Yes, sometimes chronic illness can completely dictate one’s life and limit it severely, but life doesn’t stop when a person is sick. Everything keeps going.

Currently, it is estimated that over 133 million Americans suffer from chronic illness. The current definition of a chronic illness is a health condition or disease that is persistent or long-lasting in its effects.

Just because someone works, goes to school, or hangs out with friends doesn’t mean they are well or symptom-free. Maybe that individual is having a low-symptom day, masking pain with a smile + medications, or simply tired of illness limiting their life so they power through the pain until they can’t.

Changing out of pajamas and putting on some makeup can transfer one’s look to “well,” yet perception is not always reality.

Some people don’t “get well soon” and that’s okay. Life’s value or worth isn’t dependent on health.

It is absolutely possible to live a full life while chronically ill, and my plan is to be living proof of this. I am finding out what I can do, yes there are consequences (sometimes I overdo it), but I’m getting a taste of life again and learning that being sick and living are not mutually exclusive.