Debbie Lemon

With undiagnosed damaged to C5-6 and instability to C4-5 and C6-7 (etc. check my records for exact details) I was in severe pain and suffered other neurological issues every day for years.  Traveling to MUSC and Dr. Patel’s diagnostic and surgical skills were worth the 3 to 4 hour drive, each,   there and back.  However, as a patient in severe distress every wasted day is a small lifetime; when in such pain and detrimental effects on my entire body were felt.  The driving back and forth is added wear and tear on a fragile body.  As far as medical insurance goes, if this test had been done when first available and I had medical access to it, we both would have had a financial savings. (Other MRI’s, x-rays, occipital nerve blocks, medications, braces, migraine treatments, chiropractic care which some may have made it worse, etc.)  All the driving with this pain and musculoskeletal damage also put me at higher risk of accident and with connective tissue disorder had to have a negative impact on my lower spine.  Ironic we can further damage our spine, while seeking expert medical diagnosis and care; MUSC did a great job in scheduling my appointment and tests on same day to reduce travel and such and an upright MRI should be an essential for the level of expertise at MUSC.