Watching Neurosurgery

This week I had the opportunity to watch three neurosurgeries, two of which have previously been done to me. 

I observed a tethered cord release, pineal cyst removal by open craniotomy, and a C5-C7 spinal fusion. For someone, like me, with such a heavy interest in anatomy, science, and medicine, it was the experience of a lifetime. 

Being in an OR, but not as a patient on the table, was fascinating. It worked like a well-oiled machine, each individual executing their given role in prepping, anesthetizing, and operating on the patient with beautiful synchronicity.

This reinforced what I envision my future career path/passion to be. Not necessarily neurosurgery, but no doubt in healthcare working directly with patients. I can’t think of devoting education and life to anything else.

Hundreds of years ago, there were no surgical treatments for conditions such as tethered cord syndrome, pineal cysts, or cervical instabilities. Recent developments in the field of medicine are astounding; scientific advancement and medical treatments continue to evolve and improve.

The future in medicine is unbounded and possibilities are limitless…I want to be part of it.